The Fairy Jasmine.

In the fairy world, fairies have different strata of powers. Few of them are very powerful, few are super powerful and some of them are mini power houses. Jasmine was none of them.

Jasmine had been appointed as the trainee fairy eight days back. She was young and innocent. Most fairies are.

Jasmine had a little brother called Daniel who was one of the naughtiest of all to a very large extend. So much so that he had invited the wrath of the King of the Gnomes for going to the feast of the King without being invited. Therefore the King had punished Daniel by asking him not to attend school for a week.

Daniel used to love his school, as there was a pond where he could swim as long as he wanted to.

The first day of his punishment, he tried to run away from his home and go to his school, but the King of The Gnomes had put a spell on him and the moment Daniel reached his school, his feet automatically turned backwards and he found himself running back to his house.

As soon he had reached home, he began crying. His mother consoled him. But that night Daniel didn’t sleep. Instead he started brewing a potion to free him of the King’s spell. He even succeeded but Jasmine got the whiff of it and prevented him from drinking the potion. This angered him even more.

Jasmine knew that he loved to eat blueberry chocolates apart from swimming. So, she went to the garden and asked her friend Lily to give her a bagful of blueberry chocolates. Lily didn’t mind, so she gave her more than a bagful of blueberry chocolates.

When Jasmine returned home, she found Daniel missing.

The next morning a whole search party was sent by the queen and the Gnome king was informed too.

They searched everywhere, they couldn’t find him. At last the fairy queen took out her wand and said some magical words and Daniel appeared right in front of her. Seeing the fairy queen in front of him, he began crying.

The fairy queen asked him to stop crying and he stopped immediately.

She called for Jasmine and asked her to take him home. Jasmine was unable to do so as her brother wouldn’t budge.

The queen saw this difficulty, so she gave an honourary power badge to Jasmine, so that she could use magic to make her brother toe the line. This bestowing of a badge upon Jasmine, made jasmine an honourary badge seargent. The badge also came with two provisions.

1st:- As an honourary badge seargent she could use her magic to keep mischief makers under control.

2nd:- She could call on for more help from other fairy forces.

But never could she use her magic for any wrong purpose.                                           

After receiving the badge from the queen she bowed down low to her.

The fairy queen blessed her.

Then she asked Daniel to follow her home. But Daniel blatantly refused. This time Jasmine, used her wand and waved it. Instantly the power badge began glowing and Daniel was lifted up in the air and was transported straight to his home.

Jasmine soon reached her home and told her parents about her new powers. Daniel began crying again. This time Jasmine didn’t ask him to stop crying. She simply used her power badge, waved her wand and he stopped crying and he went to sleep.

The power badge glowed brightly and Jasmine was given two points as a result for her good deeds.

The next day the King of the Gnomes visited their home and pardoned Daniel. Upon hearing the words of the King, Daniel rushed to his school, attended the classes and for each and every break he would jump inside the pool and make the water splash. He was very happy and so was his sister.


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