True sportsmanship

True Sportsmanship

True sportsmanship

True sportsmanship is a rare quality .People seldom understand its value. A true sportsman is a person who plays the game in true spirit of humanity and sports.

For example:-In football , despite there being no need, we can often see footballers pushing and giving a shove to each other.This often results in the footballer getting hurt.

True sportsmanship lies in the fact of having the courage to accept defeat with grace and dignity.Even if you lose quite a few matches in a row,that does not mean that you need to become a player who acts rowdily and in a disoriented manner.

A true sportsman never gets agitated while playing.He has the ability to remain calm and cool and he knows how to control his anger. True sportsmanship is displayed in following all the rules and regulations in playing.

So be a true sportsman in life, in sports and be happy always.


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