Kiwi-Pineapple Mocktail.

Pineapple and kiwi mocktail is a fabulous drink. When served with crushed ice, it simply nourishes the soul. When it passes down through our throats, the crushed ice and the kiwi pineapple drink gives a pleasant and cool relief. To make this mocktail, take a tall glass. In it, first add crushed ice. Ice crushers are available in the market or you can grind it in an ice mixer or in a plain mixer.

Add 30-40 gm of crushed ice. Then add 40 ml kiwi syrup and 25 ml pineapple syrup.

Take two slices of kiwi (small sizes) and add it. Take a fresh lemon and make thin round slices of it.

Add four such thin slices in the glass. Then add seven to eight basil leaves.

To bring balance, taste and sweetness to the mocktail, add 25 ml of sugar syrup.

Then using a stirrer, give a stir. Stir it nicely. Have a sip. If it tastes bland, you can add more of the sugar syrup. If you want to make it more of a kiwi mocktail, then add twenty ml more kiwi syrup. If there’s need for adding a bit of more pineapple syrup, you can do so. But remember, it’s a kiwi-pineapple mocktail, with kiwi in a major proportion.  

It’s an excellent mocktail, make it, have it and be happy.


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