Human Smurfs.

In Lauchringen, a town in Germany, many people dressed as Smurfs had gathered in numbers estimated to be above 2500, day before yesterday.

This was done in a try to break the Guinness Book World Record of Highest Gathering of People dressed as Smurfs and the attempt seemed successful.

They dressed as Smurfs in blue dresses and paints. They all had worn the white Smurf hat. Few had worn the red Smurf hat.

Smurf being a highly popular cartoon has popularity all over the world.

Many years back, in the beautiful city of Bangalore, I had once met a human being dressed in a huge Smurf costume at a big toy store and had shook hands with him. It was an experience of a lifetime and on seeing this news that people dressed as Smurfs had gathered in Germany, it made me want to share with you all.

Happy Smurfing!


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