Grow Old Before Time.

Growing old before time isn’t a phenomenon, isn’t a hypothesis, isn’t a trick to make or break.

Its ground reality.

People grow old at some point or the other. Generally it starts taking place after the age of forty but now people as young as twenty years of age often fall to the disease of growing old before time. The disease is mental, semi-physical and highly technological.

The integration of technologies in our lives has completely changed the philosophy that a person starts getting old only after a certain period of time.

Growing old is a nasty business. But youngsters nowadays are full of laziness, mental diseases and unhealthy attitude which often leads their body to develop old age attributes much before the real time. Some even enjoy growing old.

Watching television continuously was a feature which prevailed amongst young boys and girls in the previous decade. Now mobile apps to spend the time, food to keep the system running and sleep to sleep is the new motto. Such people look like man made robots.

So, naturally a man of thirty years of age would show high symptoms of being an oldie before he can be a Goldie.

So, be young at heart, young at mind, dance, exercise, walk daily, drinks loads of water and be happy to keep yourself fit, happy, jovial and grooving.

With God’s grace you wouldn’t grow old before time.


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