A Team Of Orange Uniform Wearing Cricket Players.

As it was Sunday, it was cricket day in my locality and many teams were playing cricket at the stadium near my house. In the afternoon, a whole group of boys wearing orange uniform came on the field. They were a new group of players and nobody bothered about them.

They gathered on the pitch, formed a group hug and for nearly thirty minutes were in deep discussion about how they proceed with their game, when few pitch care takers came and shooed them off the pitch.

They couldn’t play cricket but instead catch-catch with the ball for ten minutes and then they left the field on their bikes.

Their whole paraphernalia of wearing an orange uniform and coming all suited up simply got wasted as they had to vacate the pitch.

On the other hand they did a good by leaving the field because after half an hour or so, the caretakers of the pitch began watering it and nearly everybody playing somewhere here or there in the stadium, had to leave and go out.

The caretakers had a point. Sunday afternoons are for lunch and taking rest. Not for playing cricket while Sun is glaring over your head.


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