Lap Of Luxury.

Luxury is a comfort which we all want to be in accordance with. To acquire it and to be in it is a big dream for many while millions avail of it on a daily basis.

Having two or three cars, seven servants, one to cook food, another to wash clothes, third to do this or that is the new trend reigning in many houses.

The luxury of being big woman or man in the society and of having people saluting you when    you pass the gates of your building or office is a luxury which is demanded, expected and asked by many.

The luxury of having friends, whether they want to be your friend or not, is a luxury which is in favour with the rich.

The luxury of having four television sets in a household where not even a single member watches T.V. on a daily basis is a big luxury which is being followed by many. After all be it LED or 4k T.V. determined people with money are not backing away from anything.

The luxury of poking nose into other’s life and commenting on it whether the comment be true or not is another luxury which is frequently practiced by gossiping ladies and floundering men.

The luxury of getting a big job, without being qualified for it, is a common feature nowadays, as everything happens through connection.

The luxury of travelling in a big flight is availed by many and with the growing amount of income, business or first class travel isn’t a distant dream. It’s a fast growing reality.

Even in mobile phones the luxury of playing games or watching movies has a virtual reality option. Who knows soon we may be able to play original, live cricket on mobile phones?

The luxury of having ten mobiles phones when even one is not required for you is a luxury which is followed by many teenagers and adults.

The luxury of copying others be it their style, fashion, work is done by millions and millions.

In short, world nowadays runs on luxury.

Without availing luxury many would simply fall of their ships. Their daily routine would go tumbling down.           

Basking in Ma’s love, cuddle, kiss and warmth is the biggest, truest and original luxury in all the universes.

But a bigger and truer and the bestestest lap of luxury is placing your head on your Ma’s lap and going to a deep, peaceful sleep, while your mother lulls you.


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