Everyday we aspire to live.

Everyday we breathe to live, to do so we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon-di-oxide.

Everyday we take bath to feel fresh.

Everyday we write to do justice to our thoughts.

Everyday we read to know about the happenings and occurrings.

Everyday we study to keep ourselves updated.

Everyday we speak to express our wishes and views.

It’s not everyday that a rose sheds it’s petals.

It’s not everyday that a woman becomes a mother.

It’s not everyday that cities are built.

It’s not everyday that Olympics are held.

It’s not everyday that a busy man becomes a doting father.

It’s not everyday that God takes birth.

It’s a long process and so is everyday, simply some “everydays” are shorter and some of them are longer.

If you wish to make your “everyday” golden, simply forget yourself and be happy.

If you are waiting for an “everyday” to become a golden one, then it might or might not be possible.

If you are asking for a golden “everyday”, then be sure that it is already there or you might have missed the bus, since many “everydays” are golden in our daily lives, but we hardly notice.

Everyday is every moment and every moment is life. So live everyday in the “everyday moment” with happiness, cheer and love.


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