Birth of A Boy in Russia.

A small boy was born. He was named Mikhail. At the age of four he had learnt horse riding and could take his grandfather for a walk. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a milk maid.

On his fifth birthday, his uncle Petrov had bought him a cow and a dog. The cow was named Linky and the dog was named Think.Linky and Think were very good friends.

Once, winter fell over there locality and they couldn’t afford their bread and milk. Even Linky and Think were huddled inside their home when the winter became more severe.

In their larder eight rations of bread, cheese and milk were stored beforehand. For their pets biscuits and hay was kept in storage.

Now Mikhail’s mother was pregnant at that time. She was nearing her delivery time but the snowfall was ceaseless and no one could cross the two feet deposit of snow. There was snow everywhere on the streets, in front of their home and even the lakes were completely frozen. Everyone in the household was tensed and as the supplies were getting shorter, firewood and faggots were burnt only to make coffee, warm water and food for Marinova (Mikhail’s mother). The only good thing was that Mikhail’s grandmother was a mid-wife, so she could take care of her daughter-in-law.

Now one day when Christmas was nearby, Marinova’s face started turning red. Then by the next day morning her face had turned light blue. The whole family was in panic and the grandmother had done everything she could, but Marinova’s condition simply worsened.Her husband began crying like a madman, when there was a barrage of knocks on their door.

All were shocked to hear the knocks on their door. The grandfather opened the door and a gust of chilly winter wind with particles of snow nearly swept him away. Before he could do anything, he saw Mikhail rush inside the house with his uncle Petrov and a few men and women. The grandfather was simply stunned. He kept staring at them.

Coming to his senses he closed the door and went inside. The people whom Mikhail and Petrov had brought were doctors and nurses. The doctors and nurses had begun their work immediately and now the whole family was waiting outside in the drawing room. If a person had looked at them at that moment then he could have felt what being a “lifeless” meant. They all seemed lifeless except Mikhail. He kept on praying to Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary to save his mother and her new child.

After nearly twenty minutes, the nurse came out and called the grandmother inside the room. All became more tense.  The grandmother came out after ten minutes, her face full of jubilation. She came and hugged her son and shouted-“It’s a boy”.

The whole family let out a shout of joy, but the winter chill was so strong that they couldn’t continue their celebrations. The doctors soon left, but a nurse was left behind to take care of Marinova.

Before the doctors had left, they had praised Mikhail and Petrov a lot. Especially Mikhail. If he hadn’t persuaded them to come as soon as possible, then they might had been late. Petrov’s tractor had become stuck in the snow near the hospital, so Mikhail without wasting any moment had run to the hospital and had got the doctors moving. They had brought a snowplough to clear the path and in two ambulances, the doctors, nurses and the surgical instruments were brought. It was an added boon that the hospital was nearly empty as no patient could come to the hospital during the hazardous snowfalls which had persisted throughout the winter season. The doctors and nurses were basically twiddling their thumbs when Mikhail had called upon them.

But a question was still there. When had Mikhail and Petrov gone to the hospital? Nobody had noticed them do so. When Mikhail’s father asked him this, Mikhail replied- “The night Ma had started turning red, the next morning at six am in the morning, uncle Petrov and me, we went to the hospital in uncle’s tractor. As there was a lot of snow, so the tractor took a lot of time to reach the hospital”.

His father hugged him very tightly and cried in his shoulders.

Mikhail-“Pa, why are you crying? Ma and my little brother are fine.”

Father-“Yes, they are and that’s only because of you. Only you shall name your brother.”

Everyone cheered up at this proposal and clapped sonorously.

Mikhail, his father, uncle and grandparents went inside to see his mother and brother when the nurse had allowed them.

Mikhail’s mother upon learning of Mikhail’s bravery gave a kiss upon his forehead.

Mikhail hugging his mother-“Ma, I wouldn’t have allowed anything to happen to you and my brother.”

Mikhail’s mother gave him another kiss and showed him his little brother.

Mikhail-“Ma he is so pink. I shall name him Zusko.”

Everyone smiled at this name, but as promised the boy was Zusko.

Thus Zusko, Mikhail’s little brother-a boy was born.

Hope you enjoyed my story.


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  1. This post gives me courage and happiness at the same time a novel’s depth is there.Good luck.

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