Fathom. Can you fathom that your son has scored hundred out of hundred in his Mathematics and Science. If you cannot then feel free to do so. Fathom is something which is lighter than air, even lighter than thoughts and much lighter than ether.

To be able to fathom your own self is a huge success for you. Many people can’t fathom themselves, so they mostly behave like caged parrots. Getting hundred out of hundred in maths or science isn’t a rare phenomenon but with students making silly mistakes, it seems that their inability to score a perfect hundred is similar to a batsman’s inability to score a hundred by getting out repeatedly on ninety nine or ninety eight by performing brilliant silly mistakes.

God’s love is highly unfathomable. You never know whether he loves you or not. The moment his love touches you wouldn’t feel it because it is unfathomable for you. To fathom it, you need to reach your core with honesty, sincerity and dedication.

Fathom is what runs the world when every other hope is lost. The moment when everything becomes unfathomable, God performs his miracle and all become fathomable.

It is the stretch between the fathomable and unfathomable, that we all live in. If it wasn’t there then, world would have upside down and we wouldn’t have progressed, if we have progressed at all.


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