The City Of Constantinople.- 1

This beautiful city was once the heart of all strong and outstanding Roman and Byzantine Empires which have left a mark on civilization. Constantinople as we know today is Istanbul.

Whenever my mother hears the word “Constantinople”, she feels as if it brings a lighthouse standing at the edge of a sea guiding boats to the right direction in front of her eyes. This beautiful and old city’s name stands out like the Northern Star or the Pole Star, which everyone follows. It is a land of dreams of hopes and aspirations. Ma says that-“Istanbul is a very unique city. At one time you are in Asia and in minutes you are in Europe (You can cross the Bosphorus strait by boat or the Famous Bosphorous bridge by car). A person who has not toured or seen Istanbul, has missed out on a historically and geographical important place.”

Bosphorus Bridge

It is our dream to visit “Consatitinople/ Istanbul” one day and to live, feel and enjoy our dreams and life.


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