Writing a Letter.

Letters with all good things have vanished from the surface of the earth. Letters In the old millennium would be written with such gusto and sincerity that had one concentrated more, then that person would have been eligible to excel in all good things in life, especially the difficult mathematics exam.

Letters signify hope, inspiration and longevity. The going forward of life.

A letter reaching its destination means the sender is well and is asking about the receiver’s well- being, generally.

An employment letter brings such happiness in a household, that the joy becomes uncontainable and unconquerable.

A letter of arrival of a grandson or a granddaughter brings inexplicable joy which rings throughout the house.

Such happiness would be associated with writing a letter.

It’s the reminiscing of the good old days, which keeps the art of writing letters alive even today.

Do write a letter to an old friend, an old acquaintance and see if that person writes back. Most will not, but the one who does, will remain to be truest, everlasting and genuine friend.


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