Diplomacy is something which is used by everybody to cover up their own selfishness which generally reeks of tricks and charms. “I couldn’t come to your party for so and so reason” is an universal line which we all often hear, when the truth behind it is that the person who is hosting the party, might have invited that person at a period later from the others. Diplomacy is like a make-up which helps cover up the blemishes; the only difference being that the blemishes of the mind are hidden from plain view rather than that of the face.

Ladies who do kitty parties are such experts at diplomacy, that they can give the best of the best diplomats a run for their money.

It has good side too. In this world which is run on falsehood, being diplomatic often helps people in tricky situations. Being able to convert a bad situation into a diplomatic one, is a trait which is quite required in this world.

Children often try to be diplomatic, but at the end their innocence is what gives them away.

Sometimes when truth hurts but isn’t necessary for survival, that’s when diplomacy comes mostly into play in the best and truest sense.

It is good to be diplomatic and to have that ability to be diplomatic, but let it not run in your bloods, otherwise you will be like the two faced God-Janus or a two faced coin, often left hanging in limbo.



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