Lights, Camera and…………..

Since, last morning, the ground infront of my house has been buzzing with workers. They have been tirelessly putting up screens, constructing various stalls and huge generators have been placed in and around the ground. I was very surprised seeing all these activities and it had puzzled me a bit.

This morning, the activities picked up a new vigour and banners were put up and with that lights worthy of being in a cricket and football stadium were installed at the four corners of the ground. My first thoughts went to it being a movie shoot, but movie shoots are not held in open grounds, so I waited for the actual action to start.

Suddenly in the evening, the ground was made ready in super fast speed. It was covered and surrounded by green tarpaulin and everything was ready. Chief guests had arrived and the show started with fireworks. After a few introductory speeches, the real action began. There was a bit of commentary done here and there and in between there was a fifteen minuted break; wherein they served classic and creamy popcorn to all with Fanta and Coca Cola cold drinks.

It turned out to be a local cricket match, played between the boys of various localities. It went on for three hours and the player of the match was handsomely rewarded.

Small kids had a lot of fun watching the game an it turned out to be a bigger amusement for them from the usual T.V. watching and mobile game playing  activities.

So, it turned out to be lights, camera and cricket.

Hope you have enjoyed it.





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