Pineapple Candy.

Christmas is around and for that a new type of chocolate i.e. pineapple candy is being given for free with plum cakes. So, for a Kilogram of plum cake, you would get twenty pineapple candies free. But the downside of those candies are that they get stuck inside in your mouth and you will have a hard time getting those candies out of your teeth.

We bought a half kilogram plum cake and I exchanged a few of those pineapple candies for chocolate and strawberry flavoured ones. Next, I heard that with a set of Christmas decorations, a Santa’s cap and a toy was being given for free. After seeing all these, the only thought that came in my mind was, why doesn’t the shopkeeper reduce the cake’s and the Christmas decoration’s price instead of giving freebies?

The answer which came to me was that, Christmas was a time of giving gifts and a few candies with cake does look nice, so no harm done. All’s well that ends well.


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