Holidays begin and Going on a bus ride- Part-4

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The next day morning, the breakfast was poached omelettes with garlic bread. There was an executive chef for breakfast meals and he was good at his job. Soon after breakfast we all got ready and went for a visit to the local museum.

The museum was old, nearly seventy five years ago a rich man had given money for this museum. The kings who had control over this state once upon a time, their swords and old artefacts were on display.

A bajra (a type of pearl millet) field was nearby our hotel,so we went there and had sarso-da-saag and maakke di roti with jaggery for lunch.

After lunch, we proceeded towards the area where we had gone for the jungle tour. The place was full of tall pineferous trees.Taking a tour guide with us we decided to proceed inwards in the jungle, as it was beautiful place for exploring nature, spotting wild animals and meeting with tribal people.

The area surrounding the main forest was a sort of semi-forest and the roads were not proper.The car ride felt more like a camel ride, the roads were so treacherous. While going in towards the forest, we met with three tribal men. Each one of them smiled broadly at us and when we asked their permission to click their photographs, they happily agreed. I clicked their photos and that seemed to be a cause of happiness for them as they started laughing. One of them asked me to send the photographs to them also, but I explained to them that it was a mobile phone through which I had clicked the pictures and I couldn’t send them the pictures until and unless they had a mobile phone. Hearing this they started laughing even more. One of them had removed his shirt and was using it to carry small lumber pellets and the three of them were carrying big stacks of cut lumber wood.

Our tour guide explained to us that they were carrying small wood pieces to be used as firewood for cooking in their homes. The tribal men showed us that their homes were seven steps downwards in a nearby small village. The tour guide told us that the men were going to the main market to sell some of their collected pellets and after having finished their work, they would  have their lunch. The tribal men showed us their lunch which consisted of thick rotis, sattu, onions and vegetables. We thanked them for their hospitality and they too thanked us and went on their way forward to the market. We didn’t go too far in the jungle as our tour guide informed us that their might be thugs in the jungle, so we turned our car and returned to the hotel.

I will continue the rest of the narration tomorrow.


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