Innovations are the masterminds which let develop the geniuses grow and explore themselves. Its working runs the world with time to time updates. Scientists are making innovations which are helping the mankind progress scientifically and that too at a rapid speed. Games, mobiles, electronics, technologies are a few of the examples of brilliant innovations.

Mechanical innovation is one of the oldest source of innovations  known to mankind. They were at their peaks in the 17th and 18th centuries. Carriages, carts, alloy wheels, wooden structures, better quality metals were most in demands in those days. Technological innovations are the developments of the 20th and 21st centuries.

GPS is a superb innovation. It helps drivers reach their destination properly and in time.

In this money churning world, businesses run amok, but they are held together by innovations.

A mobile phone which also acts as a computer is a smartphone. This innovation has helped many save a lot of money, time and has been catered to a larger market area, where everyone now a days has a smartphone.

A container which can be used in refrigerator to refrigerate food items, microwave food items and to pack lunch or tiffin for school or office, is also a superb and brilliant innovation.

Blog writing is itself an innovation. What you think off in minutes or hours, reaches the whole world within minutes. You can receive likes, shares and comments without your daily routine being disturbed.

Brilliance of the mind is an excellent inbuilt mechanism of innovation and also is a marvellous source of it. Mind games are played by many, but to convert it into something good and as beautiful and wonderful as a rose is something worth a dime.

It has its down side as well, with many of such innovations going kaput.Many not finding their proper place.

Innovations are good and bad as well. It is upto humanity to make good avail of them and to see that they make the best of it. God has given for all.What you create, develop,run and process is completely dependent on our ability to perceive and receive

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