Happy Halloween- Trick or Treat?

photo of children in halloween costumes smiling

Say it aloud-“TRICK OR TREAT”. 31st October 2018 is the Halloween day for all across the world.

Halloween is celebrated throughout America, with children dressing up in supposed to be scary dresses and asking for trick or treat from each and every houseldhold, save those nasty neighbours. They all are tough nuts to crack.

Humongous sized pumpkins on which scary faces are cut out, are worn by children as head gear, but generally it does not fit them well. Their heads keep on bobbling inside it and try as much as they, whenever children try to say-“trick or treat”, the pumpkin slides down over their heads and they can’t see anything. Again jerking their heads in an upward motion they say aloud-“trick or treat?”

But I don’t get what trick or treat means. When the whole motive of saying “trick or treat” is collecting lucrative chocolates, then why say “trick”? Just go with “treat”. But it has been a tradition for years together and once upon a time a child who used to say –“ trick or treat” in his neighbourhood is now a grandfather, his children have also passed their childhood celebrating these age old tradition and now the grand kids are asking him for “trick or treat”, but he too is a clever one and a notch above them. When asked –“trick or treat”, he simply brings out his pair of false teeth and offers them to his grand kids, trying to scare them.After all it is Halloween, but seeing him do this again and again his grand kids now try hide the glass in which he keeps his false teeth before Halloween night, and grudgingly he has to give them the nice and best of the chocolates from his hidden collection of chocolates which he keeps locked in a safe place. He has not given up being a kid as still buys tasty nut chocolates and hides them from everyone.

woman wearing halloween costume

Scaring someone on Halloween day has been a part of the tradition too, but it is not a favourable part of the celebrations. Legends act as a part of our core, but anything good out of it must be preserved. For little children, Halloween is a part of collecting a magnanimous heap of beautiful chocolates and the dressing up the part of someone scary is the most exciting aspect of it and thrill it gives is almost like reaching the top of Mount Everest.

At the end of the day or “night”, coming home and counting the stash of chocolates gives so much happiness, that any children would remain happy for rest of the year. Then comes the bragging with friends and it is a fun time for all.

Celebrate Halloween very happily with family and friends and be happy.

Happy Halloween.

ONLY TREAT & no trick.

Everything and anything good is God Almighty’s treat.He doesn’t trick.

boy and girl playing with pumpkins


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