Food Truck-Pistachio with Sweet Milk.

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Most of us know what pistachios are. They are green coloured nuts which are best had when they are mixed with or added to some other food item. So a food truck was parked at the corner of the street and we had not eaten for the last five-six hours, as we had gone out for some work.

At the corner of a big street the food truck was parked. It had a LED board displaying the picture of an ice cream with cone. We went straight to the food truck and asked for two ice creams.

The food truck man replied-“Today, I am selling only   sweet milks.”

Me-“What sort of sweet milk are you selling?”

The food truck man-“I have made plain sweet milk using milk maid and on the top of it grounded pistachios as garnishing.”

Me-“Fine. Give us two such sweet milks.”

In a minute or so, he handed us two sweet milks. We looked at the glass. The preparation looked beautiful and swiftly we both drank the whole glass.

Though its texture was light, but the sweet milk was quite heavy and the cost was less in comparison to the market rate. After having the sweet milk, we came back home and rested for sometime.

That’s it.


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