Halloween Food Trucks.

jack o lantern on grass

Food trucks are an integral part of the fast food chain in many countries. So as today is Halloween few of the food trucks will be decorating and designing the truck for Halloween. Huge pumpkins atop the truck with scary cloth hangings coming down from the sides and when you ask or order for food, a man or woman wearing a scary costume and make up, will speak in a withering and heart shaking voice -“what do you want ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh?” The thought itself is scary enough and with God’s blessings we would never ever venture out to order food at any such food truck on a Halloween night . Though many have hearts made of steel and they can do so.  If you are not scared of being scared then Halloween nights are for you. So, go out and order food from any such food truck and try to eat your ordered food in peace.

Happy Halloween.



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