Cinnamon Donuts.

Didn’t think that such donuts ever existed till I had one of them. Ma had selected the donuts for me.

As we passed infront of the  the donut shop, ma told me-“would like to eat a donut?” Instantly a smile came over my face. Donuts, to me donuts are nice healthy foods which can fill a person’s stomach to the necessary amount of happiness or need. I looked at those donuts. While writing this line, I could distinctly remember the feel,the look and aroma of the donuts.The brimming smell of the donuts were nearly touching my nostrils. In that shop, there were donuts on which gems chocolate or better known as “m&m” in the US, was stuck on. On another set of donuts, there was white butter layering with chocochips stuck across the tops of the donuts. But ma ordered for four donuts which were completely plain looking and a light layer of sugar was drizzled on top of it. When ma ordered those donuts, the guy at the counter told us to wait for five minutes as he had to prepare the donuts. We waited for them. After nearly ten minutes, we collected the donuts from the counter and came straight home .

As soon as I got home I had those donuts and they tasted million times better than the creamy layered ones. The donuts were plain, simple and light to eat. The taste and smell of the cinnamon was completely blended in with the donut and on top of it, the powdered sugar added a crunchy and sweet taste as a base to the whole donut.

Some prepare cinnamon donuts by adding cinnamon syrup on top of the donut, but the donut we had was a good one too and it was bought from a popular brand of donut sellers.

I had them with a hot cup of masala tea and my smile became more wider.


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