In a foreign country, I saw a mother calling out to her son –“Ahora! Ahora! Ahora!”.

I knew what “ahora” meant.

It’s a Spanish word, which means “now” in English.

That lady later became friends with my mother and someday when she had come over to our house, I mentioned this incident to her. Listening to me she replied-“ We were going to the super market to buy the monthly supplies and my son instead of getting into the car, started playing hide and seek with my neighbour’s son.”

So, I gave out a call to him again and this time, he began jumping on the stairs.

He came and told me –“ ma can I play for some more time?”

I-“No, you can’t. Get in the car, now.”

Him-“Nooo, I want to play some more!”

I -“Ahora! Ahora! Ahora!.”

As soon as I said this, he reluctantly got in the car.

So, read my blog AHORA!



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