A Light Which Never Ends At Night.

gray scale photography of lighthouse

Light Houses are a part of every adventure and fantasy of mine, ever since Enid Blyton’s book “Five on a Treasure Island” came into my hands. In the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, I saw the big lighthouse near the sea shore. The lighthouse gives a light which helps the ships navigate and move around at night.

When the evening sun would go down, baba would take us for a short drive to the sea shore. The sea would remain calm most of the time and the waves would be at ease. The boats would have been anchored by the time of about seven to eight’ o clock in the night. The dinghies would be tied up at the shore and the waves would come and lap against them. The waves were the only thing alive in the sea at that moment. On those constantly moving waves, at a gap of about a minute or so, the light from the light house would fall.It would go round and round.

A small roll shop had newly opened up near the jetty. My father likes egg roll a lot, so he would buy an egg roll while ma and me we used to buy chicken rolls. By God’s grace chicken rolls would have eggs in it too. Yet baba used to prefer egg roll over chicken roll. I will never forget those days. What a happy time!  All you had to do was to sit on the bench, eat your roll and watch the sea. The sea being vast and endless would offer you a view or a scene which could be extended till infinity. But after few minutes it would become a bit boring to watch the sea, as there were no ships or boats to be seen on the sea at that time.

The light from the light house would keep on going round and round and for few minutes I would keep on staring at it. The light from the lighthouse would be a constant reminder that the world is always on the move. As earth never stops spinning on its axis, in the same way life also keeps on going on.

Sometimes, small things in life are constant, significant and dominant eye openers in our lives.




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