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Love is a not only cushy-mushy, cozy, cuddling or a fuzzy feeling. It is not also a commodity. Commodities are things which can be bought with money or can be traded or exchanged with some other goods.Love is eternal. Love has no definition. It is simply flawless, superbly beautiful and completely merciful.

Human minds are individuals which are completely opposite to love, when they are devoid of faith and when they do not know the self. To make it a human mind, it essentially must be able to process and experience what true love is. Many of us say-“I have experienced love.”

Often people are misled to infatuation or misgivings in the guise of love. Love is not something which can be masked. Love by default is open, free flowing and always caring.

A mother’s love is something to which even love itself surrenders. Mother’s love is supreme to God Himself. Without a mom, nothing exists in a child’s life. There are many children who have grown up to the age of being a father or a grandfather, but they still require their mother to be with them and to love them.

If love ever exists in this world, then it exists in five forms only.

  1. Mother’s love
  2. Father’s love
  3. A child’s love to his or her parents.
  4. God’s love.
  5. Couple’s love or love between husband and wife.

Out of all these categories, mother’s love stands out to be supreme, everlasting, all-merciful and evergreen and ever beautiful. It is as if God makes us all understand what love is through each one’s MA and HE gives his love to each and everyone via their own mothers. See it in a mother animal when it loves it’s offspring. It is simply awesome and amazing, when a cow loves it’s calf. When any animal be it a cow or a dog or a catterpillar or a pup gets love from it’s mother, that love is also the same with God’s love.

Ninety-nine percent human beings, try to search for love in their life partners or wherever they can find it.It maybe in a friend or in a pet animal or in anything which attracts and ensnares the attention. What they lack is love itself. Love is an ever sprouting source, just remove the lid from it and you will find your roots to it.

Love between a husband and a wife mainly sprouts from the fact that they love each other to support each other, through their faults, through their good about themselves and through their understanding of each other.This love is unknown and it mainly goes by faith, here a successful human in marriage grows extremely by sacrifice and love.Responsibility plays a very big part in it.

True love cannot be bought nor can it be sold.

A baby in a mother’s arms is the most prominent example of true love. A small baby has no understanding of the human world, but it basks, glows and grows each and every millisecond in his or her mother’s love. Love is the main food which keeps the baby healthy. The moment, a mother puts the baby in the cot, he will start crying as he wants to be in his mother’s warmth and love.

A father’s love is also true love. God’s love is superior form of true love, but when ma gives her love to her child, it is beyond the description of any word, sentence or paraphrasing, because a mother can never gauge the amount she loves her child. It is not one gram or one kilogram or one decagram or one hectogram. Nothing in any of the universes can match with it, as it comes directly from Lord Himself. It is something which even the world acknowledges. The bond between a mother and her child, is eternal, priceless,never ending and always blossoming with love.

Love is beautiful, infinite, unbounded and truly full of love. It is God’s main food, it is the food for humans, for animals and anything which exist and doesn’t exist in this sentimental, false and truly illusive world. Only love is real.


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