:-)My tune I lost:-).

The bliss I sing,

I merrily sing,

And I want to sing always more,

In my every tune I believe I touched,

If nothing else but your core,

My notes dances,

It gives Mr. Bach,

Maybe a little joy,

As he maybe in love,

With the music I made,

Which is in my veins,

I am sure, we are friends.

Music is my torch,

Which baba made,

Which forever and always is with him,

Awesome and so great it is.

I will play my spirit with it.

In your mind and heart,

It will make you blossom,

I am sure I will start.

Mr. Bach, please hold a while,

Baba is now not in a smile,

Let him cheer, seers up in arms,

The river will flow when cherry blinks and

Cuckoo sings.

The blazing sun gets its winds,

I am lone, I am struck,

Only the God’s torch,

Will bring me back.

If it wishes, if it nods,

I maybe back —

On my riding horse.

The swing will sing,

The birds will fly,

The dog will watch,

Neighbour’s child will not cry.

They will sing along,

I will sing some more songs

And touch your core I hope.


Whenever we are all alone.

My musical torch,

When I learn from Him,

Am free from being stuck,

Baba teach me music,

Teach me a lot,

Let me sing forever,

Even if it is nothing,

But Mozart,

It’s your gift.

I am true,

I want to pour my heart,

Out in a prayer,

And you will hear,

Your child back.

If you agree ,

I will be back.

Bless me O’ my beloved Jesus,

It is love for music,

Not a hollow lust.

I will sing for birds,

Who sang for me,

I will sing for the river and

The sky.

I will sing for the mountains

And unknown terrains.

It is simply bliss,

And it is thine,

The sun will shine,

The moon will glow,

All in their own accord.

It is the truest feeling,

Of my mind.

I know you have received my prayer,

You are my God.





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