Just In Time Part-1.

Well we all know what it means to be just in time.

“I reached my office, just in time. Otherwise my boss would have eaten up my job.”

“Yesterday, we reached for the movies just in time or my wife would have chewed me out right then and there.”

People all around the world use it and know its meaning and use well enough.

So, one day I was getting late for going out as I couldn’t find my belt.

I asked ma-“Ma have you seen my belt? I can’t find it.”

Ma-“Will ma always be finding your belt for you? Can’t you yourself find it?”

I-“Ma, why are you saying like that? I am getting late for going out.Please help me ma.”

As soon as I had said this, ma brought the belt from her behind and gave it to me.

I was very surprised. Me-“Ma where did you get it?’”

Ma-“As soon as you shouted ma, I knew that you were searching for your belt, as you do each and everytime. You had kept it on the divan and forgot about it and I went and got it.”

Me-“Thank you ma.”

Ma found my belt for me, just in time.

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