Cranberry Jam with Bread and Tea.

Cranberry Jam with Bread and Tea.

Ma had made cranberry jam two days ago. The jam tasted wonderful and heavenly.She had also baked home made bread and she had made those breads bigger in size and yesterday early in the morning, ma brought the breads layered with cranberry jam and she had also prepared tea with milk and sugar. After getting up from my sleep, I went and sat down at the dining table and sitting there, I was rubbing my eyes and was yawning when ma kept the plate full of bread with cranberry jam and tea infront of me and I was exultantly happy.Never before had I had cranberry jam and it tasted beautiful and wonderful. I was very happy.My whole day passed beautifully. I couldn’t thank ma enough.Can any child? It was marvellous, beautiful and superb breakfast experience for me.


Cranberry Jam Image Courtesy By Rick Kimpel from Spring, TX, USA – cranberry sauce, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Bread Image Courtesy By 3268zauber – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Tea image courtesy By Miran Rijavec – South Indian style of tea : Dust No.1 with a lot of milk. Chai., CC BY 2.0,

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