Just In Time-Part Two.

Just In Time-Part Two.

I potted a plant. The pot seller i.e. the nursery man told me that the plant would give small white roses and generally the nursery people are correct. After watering the plant for more than two weeks, I could see small buds coming out of the plant. Nearly every thirty minute or so,I would go and look at the plant to see whether the white rose flowers were coming out or not. I continued this activity of keeping a watch over the plant for a few days. Everyday, my parents would confirm to me that the rose buds would definitely develop. But even after a few days the rose flowers didn’t grow and  I became very very morose and sad. The next day early in the morning,before going out, I went to take a look at the plant and lo! What do I see? Those WHITE ROSE FLOWERS had grown and were in full bloom It felt as if God Almighty had worked his magic overnight.They had grown  and blossomed just in time and I became very happy.I immediately called ma and baba and showed them the flowers.


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