The beautiful curd.


Dahi is the most wonderful and beautiful food item made by God Almighty. One of my favourite food item is dahi i.e. curd. Ma used to make “massoranna” (meaning plain curd rice in Kannada) for me when I was a small child. My maternal grandmother used to feed me rice mixed with curd and sugar daily. Without having it she wouldn’t allow me to get up from the dining table. Having curd was a must. Dahi is still a necessary and must item in our household. Dahi cools the stomach. It is used as a soothing agent against spicy masalas and spicy and hot foods.

Cold dahi makes for a very good snack. There are many preparations such as dahi bhalla, dahi chat, dahi vada, kadi, etc. which are made with dahi.

Dahi is a household item and is used in cooking and in daily day to day life.

So, have dahi and do cool yourself.

Happy Krishna Janamasthami.

Happy Eating.


By Goumisao – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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