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Before you Travel- Sunglasses.

Sunglasses are popular worldwide.It is a handy commodity and they are very easy to carry.As we all know, while travelling, sunglasses play a vital role in ensuring that the tour goes on smoothly without any hindrance as they protect the eyes from harmful sun rays and give the eyes a cool and soothing effect.. I know of a friend who went to a famous place to a tropical region  and thinking that he wouldn’t need a pair of sunglasses, he didn’t pack it in his luggage and there at that the day, the temperature would be around thirty seven degrees to thirty nine degrees Celsius  and after spending two or three days in the scorching sun, his eyes became itchy, red and were a bit swollen.After showing to a doctor, he had to buy a pair of sunglasses over there and the whole fiasco cost him nearly $125 including the doctor’s fees and medicine charges.He had told us this story as he used to keep his sunglasses with him always and they were a constant reminder of those $125.

The next time you decide to travel, be sure to carry your sunglasses.


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