Beautiful Pond Water.

Pond Water.

Pond water is a beautiful thing.It is serene, calm and always gurgling.The underwater fishes in the pond are the most marvellous, beautiful and peaceful things to watch and look at. If there is a fountain in the middle of the pond, then the pond water simply keeps on bubbling. Pond water is generally clean and clear, but if it isn’t cared for then, the water becomes dirty and muddy. Many people have ponds in their backyards or they keep it in their homes to simply beautify their homes or gardens or some simply do so to go fishing for fun.There are many types of fishes to be found in the pond water.Mostly red, orange and silver colour fishes are found in the ponds. If you give them a handful of food, then the whole group of fishes will come and try to eat the small-small food particles by placing their mouths at the surface of the pond water and within seconds the food will disappear. Many people drop coins in ponds simply for fun. Some people keep many floatables of different sizes and types, floating on their ponds and children give them a push at one end and try to collect them at the other end.Though we don’t own a pond, if we ever had one or will ever have one, then I will hold toy boat races every day on the pond water and there will be all types of boats there.For example-French toy boats, German toy boats,Spanish toy boats and sail toy boats.

Happy Pond Water Splashing.

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