Toy Auto.(Autorickshaws).

A child’s imagination is captured with many things. Toys are the foremost things, though mobile phones and their apps have done their best to capture the toymaker’s market, but still today, toys do play an important role and are still the favourite mode of keeping a child happy, while he grows up in this materialistic world.

When I was a child, there had been a sudden induction of toy autorickshaws in the local supermarkets. After seeing them for over a month, I asked ma and baba to buy me one and they bought me one, on the next trip to the store. I was supremely happy on getting one. My joy had no bounds.I came home and there was no separating me from the toy auto.The toy auto rickshaw that I had got was big in size and it’s handle were manoeuvrable and it’s back seat was so big that I could easily fit in four of my favourite action figurines and the most exciting and marvellous part was that you could turn the meter down and on travelling a good amount of distance, it would show the meter as 1 then 2 and so forth. After making the auto go round and round, around the house, I would charge my action figurines, ten rupees, twenty rupees and if they didn’t pay, then they would get benched from further playing with me.I had a toy figurine whose palms would fit the steering of the rickshaws’ handle and I would designate him as the driver of my auto and at the end of the day, I would feel that my toy figurine was tired after driving around the auto for the whole day.

Those were such good days that whether it be heaven or hell, rain or snow, nothing except playing with ma,baba and toys would matter.

Childhood goes away very fast and nonsensehood stays for long. What an unendurable injustice!

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