You spent some time with me.Thank You.

Oh! Today you have come. I haven’t seen you for so many days. Why is your face so grumpy and awkward? Are you hungry? Then you would have to wait for a few minutes.Let me get you something to eat. For so many days I haven’t had a bath. A new manager has come and he has ordered that all the cutlery be washed under hot water and cleaned nicely. So, on Tuesday I did enjoy a very nice soapy hot water bath and after that I was cleaned to be completely spotless.The next day they took me out and placed me on a dining table.The lady who sat on the spot, ate the salad by using a fork and me.Her mouth was full of chewing gum’s taste and I was utterly disgusted. That night they gave me a good wash and I was placed back again inside the drawer. People use me to cut vegetables and other eatables.

For so many days I have not ventured out. Now, they are taking me out of the drawer and placing me on the table.They are positioning me properly, so that the guests can eat conveniently.

My only sadness is that I can’t do my job, on my own.

What am I? I am a table knife always at your service.

See you soon.

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