Which is the only place from where we get both fire and water?

Think about it. It might be a bit puzzling, but the answer is simple. Construe the question in such a way in your mind, that the answer comes to you  within five seconds. Water and fire are two very essential things or elements as they are better known, in our daily lives. Without them the wheels of our daily life will be as stuck as a Swiss train stuck in the snow in the Alps.

Water is such an essential vitality, that sans it our morning ablutions will be germful and thirst will keep magnifying to the heights of a teak or pine tree and oof! without fire we can’t light our hearths, our stoves, our ovens and neither can we light the fireplaces to keep our selves warm and nor can we light those internationally famous cigarettes which cause cancer and whatnot, but are still regarded as a short time pass to heaven and it’s other worlds.

So, to make it short water and fire go hand in hand,both compliment each other and both can be used to subdue each other and against each other.

Have you guessed the answer till now? If not then read it over here.

It is a no brainer and very simply one.


Clouds bring down rain upon us and they also produce lightning, when two heavy clouds, filled to the brim with rain and fully charged with positive and negative ions,cause friction against each other, then both lightning and torrential rains come down upon us.Lightning is another state of fire. How many times have we read that lightning causes a tree to burn down or cause damage to an entire forest?

Look out of your window during the monsoon season and look towards to those dark grey clouds and when lightning occurs and with it rain also falls down, then you can realize the beauty of mother nature.All the elements are embedded in herself, but we humans often fail to realize that.

Next time when you go out for a monsoon walk or travel, remember to look for the clouds, because without them our whole ecosystem goes for a toss.



aerial photography of urban city overlooking lightning during nighttime




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