Esplanade Via Tram.

The tram would come doing ting, ting , ting and stop right infront of my school gate.Ma and me, we would hop on to and be transported into a world of transport which is less crowded, where seats are easily available and the tickets are damn cheap.

While travelling via the tram, we would see the magnificent open field which is known as Maidan (Gadrer Maat) , Fort Williams, All India Radio(Akashwani), Eden Gardens cricket stadium, Victoria Memorial, racecourse,Chakra (circular) rail and everything could be seen and realized at the speed with which nature grows. Nature doesn’t grow over night, it takes its own sweet time to grow and so does the tram. The journey in Kolkata trams are so priceless, that words are failing to do justice to the ride. The interiors of the tram would be bit cold and the seats would be comfortable to sit on. The whole travelling would be around twenty to twenty five minutes, but it is better than travelling in an AC bus and much better than aeroplanes.

I would feel as if I was riding a sea wave and that sea wave is gently taking us to our destination.Many a times,I have fallen asleep,while keeping my head on ma’s shoulder and sometimes there would be drool on her shoulder as well.

Times have changed.Haven’t ridden a tram in nearly two decades, but today after seeing a lot of many things, trams I feel are more than priceless and it is nothing less than a privilege to ride a tram, though many would not agree with me.

On the tram, time would slowly fly away and we would reach our destination i.e. Esplanade and then get on a bus or a metro train to reach home.


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