Aha!-The most Aha! Word.

Aha! and we pump our fists high up in the air.The great and gracious word aha! is in itself a revelation, a wondrous start to realization. It is a word that brings cheer, happiness, the good feeling of confidence and subtlety of intelligence. The moment anyone realizes that he has reached the momentum or the ultimate he jumps and exclaims; Aha! That’s it. When a bowler bowling to a tough nut batsman is able to stump off the middle stump, that time shouts and jumps and celebrates. The moment or the fraction of second when he releases the ball, that leads to the fall of the wicket is the aha! moment for the bowler. When a student who is doing his level best to solve a difficult maths problem, solves it by understanding it’s core problem. The moment that student reaches and understands the crux of the problem, that’s when the big aha! happens for him.”Aha! so that’s where you were hiding! Got you now” is his reaction to the difficulty.

When anyone try’s to understand anything for many days, weeks and months, comes to know it with his intelligence and knowledge, those few seconds truly becomes aha! for him and he feels it with his heart, mind and soul.

When one reaches for his self, that is the precise time when everything becomes aha! for him.

Do aha! for your self and feel its charm working in your veins.

Lots and lots of aha! and aha!

Goodnight and adios!

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