Jokes- A dog and his master.

A dog was barking a lot one day.His master thought that some thing might have happened, so his dog was barking.He went to check it out. But he found nothing amiss.  He went back to his study room. Again the dog started barking, so the master went again to check whether something was wrong or not.This time also he didn’t find anything amiss so he went back to his study room and shut the door, so that his pet dog’s barks do not reach him. The master used to love his dog and the dog used to love his master. But the master was an extreme miser and he used to love his money and the dog knew this fact. What the master didn’t know that the dog had seen his wife emptying his purse and that’s why he was barking. Alas! the poor miser.

Morale of the story:- To whatever degree you may be a miser, but it is no good hiding your money from your wife.

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