One after the other.

Yesterday as I have written, the rains were going on non stop without any break. After four thirty in the evening, the rains slowed down and gave the common man a big needed respite. All the services were running a bit slow, but as soon the rains stopped and the water receded, the people started venturing out of their homes and office in a slightly larger numbers. Now by five, all office goers, workers and students started leaving for home early as the rains were anticipated at any moment and no one wants to be stuck in a torrential downpour or even in a minor downpour.

At the bus stop near my house, a big state bus (a public service bus) halted to pick up the passengers. Now generally what happens is that, after all the passengers have got on the bus, the bus leaves for it’s next destination. But yesterday, I saw that it was simply waiting at the same spot even after all the passengers had got up and I saw the bus driver sitting quietly at the wheels.I wondered what the matter was? Then suddenly I saw that a man was running towards the bus and mind you he was running at full speed on the muddy and slippery road and was signalling for the bus to wait and after running a marathon he got up on the bus. Apparently he had signaled the bus driver to wait from a far distance and through his rear mirror the bus driver had seen him.Generally the bus drivers don’t stop for such passengers, but this driver was a kind one and kept waiting for the man. After this man had got up, I thought that now the bus would leave. But no, it was standing at the same spot. Ten seconds later another man came running and got up.Now also the bus didn’t leave.Thirty seconds later another man who was also running came and got up on the bus.His run felt like that it was nothing short of an Olympic 400 x 400 meter race.He even might have been a bronze or silver winner had it been a true Olympic race. Still the bus didn’t leave. “How many more people would come running by and get up in this nearly full bus?” was the thought going through my mind. After forty-five seconds to a minute another man came and got up on the bus.He too was running but his dance felt like more of a waltz.He had his pants pulled up as he was afraid of the dirt getting stuck on the pants. After this man, luckily no one came running or otherwise and the bus left. For the first time in my life, I have seen a public bus wait so long for passengers on a stop which is not it’s first or last stops.So, one after the other the passengers got up on the bus and the kind bus driver waited kindly and goodly for all the passengers.


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