Deep Potato gratings fry with tea and sweet pepper sauce.

Fried Potato Gratings with Sweet Pepper Sauce.

It is a wonderful yet simple recipe.Easy to make and and quick to eat.It will be deep down in your stomach before you can even take a big yawn.

To make this recipe, take four big potatoes and wash them nicely under cold water.

Then peel them off.

Take a grater, preferably a bigger one and start grating them in a such a fashion (way) that, small and thin potato strips come out of it.

After grating the potato, wash the potato gratings in cold water again in the kitchen sink.

Then drain off any remaining water from the gratings and add a bit of salt and a pinch of red chilli powder over the gratings and finely mix them with a spoon in a bowl.

Then take a non stick pan and pour two oz of olive oil or mustard oil.Vegetable oil also works fine.

Heat the oil till it becomes hot and then add the potato gratings in the oil.You can add a bit of salt if you feel that the potato fries or crisps won’t be salty.

As soon as the potato gratings gets fried / turns into crisp, take them out of the pan, drain off the oil and put them on a serving plate.

When you are all done with frying the potato gratings, arrange them nicely on a serving plate and place some beautiful chopped coriander on them and garnish it.

Then a small dip bowl and in it add four big tablespoons of sweet pepper sauce.This is an Italian sauce, so please try to find it at big supermarkets or the places where they sell Italian products or cuisines.

With a hot cup of tea, eat those potato fries by dipping them into the sweet pepper sauce and enjoy your life.

Gracias and Adios!

Happy Eating!

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