A man with a cart selling cooked Punjabi Chana Masala.

Rain has been pouring down on the city of Mumbai non-stop. There is no respite even for a millisecond.Sometimes the wind blowing would be so strong, that it would bring the rains inside my house if I opened the windows. So the windows were tightly shut today and I was standing at the window still looking outside towards the main road.

Suddenly, I see that two men, (one of them I knew) were standing at the road just outside my house and they were having their lunch and do you know what was it? It was Punjabi Chole/ Chana masala that they were having. Now, chana masala is my favourite dish.Ma cooks the best chana masala in the whole universe. I have tasted thousands of chole/chana masala and they are extremely well made and cooked,but none of them come even near to ma’s chana masala and when she adds lemon over it, I feel that I have achieved everything in my life.

But where from did they get the chana masala? They had bought it from a man who was selling it on his small cart which had a shed. The chana masala was simmering and slowly people were coming to his cart to buy a bowl of chana masala and they were having it relishingly. One bowl full of chana masala, may not be the whole meal or lunch, but it is definitely power packed and a man can atleast sustain four hours on it. Those two men , whom I wrote about had it satisfyingly and after sometime few people came and they too had it. As it was raining heavily, a mother was taking her child home from school and while doing so they were trying to maneuver the incoming traffic and were running at a medium pace to save themselves from the rain, as neither the mother had an umbrella and nor had the kid worn a raincoat. The cart selling chana masala fell right infront of them and they halted there. The lady bought a container full of chana masala and promptly paid the man and again the mother and son went on to their way home. After a minute or so the rain started playing truant and the chana masala seller hopped inside his own cart and sat there with his legs crossed.

While all of this was happening, I was observing this from my window panes. From the first moment that I saw those two men eating something, I called out to ma.”Ma, see what these two men are eating.” Ma came and saw and told me that they were eating chana masala. As soon as I came to know that they were eating chana masala, I started pleading with ma to let me have some too.Ma said”Now, it is raining heavily.Someother day when the rains are not there, that day I would buy chana masala”. I said-“Alright ma.”Ma had a very valid point. Though I was asking her for it, but in my mind I knew that it wouldn’t be possible for me to buy chana masala as the road was muddy, full of small pools and it was incessantly raining.Hope to have chana masala some other day. Maybe Ma will make it for me very soon!

Adios and happy eating.


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