Perfect Gain.

Is there any thing as perfect gain? Perfect and gain may be seldom used together in our daily lives,but do we ever achieve it? Is it rather possible? Maybe once in a blue moon or maybe in virtual world, where to achieve a perfect score is rather easy and where your favourite football team definitely wins the world cup and you are the reigning and glorious captain of the winning team. When you get the perfect school for your child it may signify perfect gain, but whether it is or not, that remains to be seen. When you cook the perfect recipe of any food item, that is definitely the perfect gain for the cook and as well as the person having it. People achieve many things in life but whether it is perfect for them or not, that life itself knows and God the Almighty definitely knows.

Gaining the perfect gain is like having a cup of tea.Now your gain remains in whether it is with sugar or without sugar.Whether milk has been provided with it or it is a strong/mild cup of black tea.If a cup of tea can invigorate such delicate delicacies, then rest of all the things are definitely above par the human intelligence.

Adios! Till you get the perfect gain, any time.

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