Lemon Sherbet with Bread, Butter and Strawberry Jam.

Tired in the evening after coming home from school, college, office, workouts etc.?

The age old recipe of lemon sherbet never ceases to surprise us. It works like a charm.

Take a juice shaker, open it’s lid and then add the juice of

two squeezed fresh lemons.It is best if you use the lemon squeezer, so that all the lime juice comes out and the seeds remain in the squeezer. Then add two spoonfulls of sugar or honey (if you avoid sugar). Then add four cubes of ice in it and add chilled water or plain water in it (750 ml) and add pinch of salt in it.You can even add a bit of black salt if you want to. Close the lid of the juice shaker and shake it nicely, up and down vigorously.

Take a slim, tall glass and in it pour all the contents of the shaker ( all 750 ml of it won’t fit inside one glass!) and your refreshing lemon sherbet is ready.

But as elders have always told us never to have any liquid food drink without having any solid food item.

So to go with the lemon sherbet, I propose bread, butter and strawberry jam.

Take four breads and make toasts of them.Than on those bread toasts add plentiful butter and on it add a good layer of strawberry jam. It simply tastes wonderful!.

Don’t drink all of the lemon sherbet in one go.Drink a bit of it at first and then enjoy the rest of it with bread toast, on which strawberry jam has been added.

Buon appetito!


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