On 15th July, as the football world cup concluded, many hopes, cheers, challenges either grew up or they got diminished. The final between Croatia and France was a true surprise for each and everybody, but nonetheless it was a final worth it’s every penny.

The more famous and big teams such as Brazil, England, Argentina, Portugal, Russia and Germany couldn’t break any ice in the competition except England, which reached the semi-finals and finished fourth in the over all tournament. Now the third place was held by a well deserving Belgium team and the Croatia team came second.It is not a matter of joke.The teams which are not expected to do much in any football tournament, did a hell lot more than the more efficient and famous ones. Starting from Japan to Belgium to South Korea to the true heroes of this world Cup Croatia, did a fabulous and exceptional job of breaking the age old perceptions and by marking their territory in this world cup.They showed us that with determination, ambition, courage, hard work and aspiration to achieve and overcome any difficulties anything is possible. These are not mere words, but truly they can happen. Otherwise these teams wouldn’t have reached the place that they have reached in this world cup.With God’s grace anything is possible and when you try to do something with all your dedication and sincerity, his light shines upon and miracles do happen. Which requires nothing else but all your true hard work from the core of your heart. These miracles are like a happening of a baby being born.After those tense moments, when you hear your little one’s cry is such miraculous feeling that at the moment your are truly God’s and God is yours.There is no else except you, your little one and His Highness The Almighty. So there is a lot of learning still left and these less popular teams have shown us all of that, especially Croatia. With the self belief that “yes, I can do it ” one can surge ahead and win milestones after milestones.

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