To Eat the Humble Pie.

Remember my friend Joshua? Well his friend Michael had to eat the humble pie recently.

He was fined $128 for speeding on the highway. He was asked to pay it, within a week.

But he avoided paying it for more than ten days and again he was caught speeding in a school zone and was fined $273. When the officer was checking him up on the computer, it popped up that he had not paid a fine.Now that $128 had snowballed into a $256 fine and the total amount to pay was $529. This time the officer confiscated his license asked him to pay the whole amount by two days. Now comes the humble pie. His father is the manager of a food joint and the officer who had fined him had gone there for a lunch and while having his food, he was discussing with his colleagues the tactics of now a days speeding drivers. Michael’s father had gone over to their table to ask them if the food was alright, when he saw his son’s driving license on the table where the officers were having lunch.As the officer had confiscated it an hour back, he still had Michael’s license on him and had kept it on the table with the other documents as he was having his lunch.

The manager (Micheal’s father) asked the officer that where from had he got his son’s license.On learning that he was Michael’s father, he told him all that had happened that morning. Michael’s father was boiling with anger on knowing about the total fine amount.

When he reached home, he coolly asked Michael for his driving license.Michael replied that he had lost it and that he would apply for a new one.

Michael’s father-“Lost it, like having to pay a $500 fine for it to come back to you or lost it-lost it?”.

Michael was stunned. He said sorry to his father.

His father-“Son, sorry wouldn’t do.It simply wouldn’t.If you keep on adding fines to your list of expenditures, soon you would have nothing but only tickets to eat for.”

Michael couldn’t reply to this and he had to eat the humble pie.

He paid up the fine and was informed that license had been confiscated for three months because he had not paid the earlier fine on time

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