Stamped and not Returned= -$15.

Lilie my dear friend, lives in London. Her house is near the Big Ben. Now for many days I had been telling many of my friends that some things need to be written personally and not just made way with smileys and emojis. As per the trend of the new generation, none of my friends write hand written letters anymore. Letters hold a special value.For me it contains the essence of one’s feelings, emotions and well wishes.

I had known her since I was ten years old. Then she moved to the other parts of the world and is now settled in London. So, I had written her a letter and posted it through regular mail.

Well after that luck favoured her and she won an all sponsored trip to Ireland and went straight to Ireland and eventually my letter couldn’t reach her. Now, all this time I hadn’t known that she wasn’t in London, otherwise I would have not sent her the letter.

Now when I called her up to know that whether she had received it or not, she says-“I have won an all sponsored trip to Ireland and I am holidaying in Ireland” and suddenly hangs up the phone.It was extremely rude of her to do that.After that I hadn’t spoken to her anymore.

So, I am waiting for the letter to be returned to me.

Well then,I simply spent $15 (as the width of the envelope was bit too big) for it being stamped and being given back to me.

Still it is stamped and not returned.

Somehow I still feel that one must not give up letter writing and yes, of course! It shouldn’t cost anyone on this whole earth to post a letter for $15 and then have the luck of no one receiving it.

Well that letter also contained a few gifts and they are a nice greetings card,a fiction story book and a Google play voucher worth $25 and I am really worried about them.

I am praying to God that I get my greetings card, the story book and the play voucher as soon as possible, so that I can buy new games on Google play and can read the book as I have not read it before and I want to display the greetings card on the side table of my drawing room and ever again if I write a letter to her, I will send it through e-mail (without any gifts) or she would have to reimburse me the letter posting fare.Then whether the letter is stamped or not stamped or returned or not returned, I wouldn’t give a damn.

Overall it losing $15 is better than losing $47(The cost of postage and the gifts).

Surprisingly, last night,I received a call from her and she said to me-

“Why did you call me up, when I was in Dublin? It cost me four pounds, to answer your silly call!”

I replied-“Lilie, your sudden trip to Ireland cost me fifteen dollars!.”

She says-“What fifteen dollars?”.

Then, I explained to her everything.

She replied-“What! you had sent me the latest book of that series with a Google play card of $25!Please post them back to me again and this I swear to God, that I will receive them this time”.

My reply-“In your dreams”.