While Travelling Do Carry It! Or You will Be Stuck!!!!!!!!!!

While travelling, whether be it across the country or on the round trip of the country or on a foreign soil, do you know what really sucks the most? Can you guess it up? You might be trekking on a mountain or be canoeing or be riding a cable car or maybe you have gone on boating. At that time you know what can really cause you good amount of trouble?

The answer is losing your footwear or your footwear getting damaged. To get a new pair of footwear or to repair it can cause a lot of trouble especially if you are on holiday. Simply imagine that you are on vacation in the Bahamas or in the Canary Islands or even in your home state and your sandal’s strap comes off. What will you do? Will you roam about that place in search for a shop or a cobbler to repair your sandals or you will use your spare footwear and in the meantime get your old footwear repaired from a cobbler or from a shoe repair shop.

Imagine that you are high up in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland where it is really cold and the sole of the shoe gets punctured or it simply comes off. You will simply get frostbite thinking about it, as if it really happens then by the time you wear your spare shoe, your leg will suffer from tremendous amount of frost bite. So, if you are on the Swiss Alps, whether you are carrying the Euro or not it does not matter, what matters is precaution from cold and in that list of precautions having a good footwear is extremely important.

I have stressed much on the point that carrying an extra pair of footwear while travelling is extremely important, so, while you are preparing to go on travel, don’t forget to pack an extra pair of footwear as who knows when you might require it?

We had gone on the Tiger Hills in Darjeeling and we had worn sneakers and despite having our sneakers on, we had suffered from frost bite and luckily our sneakers didn’t get punctured on the Tiger Hills or it would have been a cold dance for all of us.