Life is full of varieties. Variety in different things is what motivates the facts in life. First came mobile phone, then came smartphone, then God knows what.Now a days wearing a small blue tooth piece in the ear and speaking with people while walking on the streets has become the fashion. The person wearing it becomes so expressive somtimes that it feels as if that person is communicating or demanding something from God or that person is a mad chap. A person who doesn’t know anything about bluetooths would feel that such a person is off his rockers.

Variety in clothes is a major boon for shops which keep women’s clothing, as women have the most varieties in their dresses. The variations in the different dresses and in their name is enough to cause a big dent in a man’s pocket. The money spent by women on clothes is enough for the banks to give loan to any husband or to any wife or to the earning member of the family, simply by taking pity on them and if the bank manager has gone through the same experience then he or she may even give interest free loan.

Variety in chocolates are major cause of happiness for children. Many children like assorted sort chocolates.Many like gems, some like Cadbury bar and some toffees and eclairs chocolate. Children often demand big bar of chocolates from their mothers. Mothers are the best gift from God to any child.

Variety in schooling is a top notch factor among parents these days.

Variety in housing, in buying cars is seen among people of different income levels.

Life can be affordable for all when there is variety and avalability for all.

If truth be seen there isn’t much difference between something which costs high and anything which costs less, but due to superficial branding people run after costly products.

Varities in mode of travelling is major factor in household economy.A journey to a place in a flight would cost much more than travelling by train.Even in train travel, there is a huge difference between travelling in sleeper class and travelling in second or first class and the difference is of cost. Travelling in sleeper clsss costs about 300 to 400 Rupees on an average while travelling in second or first class costs around 2000 to 3000 Rupees.

Variety in food is seen world wide. Continental, Thai, Indian (North Indian, South Indian, Bengali food), Japanese, American, Mexican, Spanish,Asian, Persian, European, Mediterranean are the various types of food cultures which are popular across the world . Mediterranean food is good for health and considered a form of diet by many.

Variety is God’s grace on men and women. If they properly make use of it, then they are sure to fare well in life, provided they play and act fair.