The Dancing Crow.

flight of black bird above tree

Crows can fly, crows can kaw. They can do a lot of things; but have you ever seen a crow dancing? It isn’t a very hard fact to find.

Crows are by default and by nature good scavengers. But unknown to all, they are the choosiest of birds. Be it food, be it class or be it dance, they have a class.

A loudspeaker was blaring quite near to my home and a peppy song was being played on it.

Few crows were sitting on a lamppost. It didn’t see as if they were bothered by the music. Soon, they flew away to another place but one remained behind.

We kept on observing that crow. At first we couldn’t believe our eyes. With every beat it was tapping its feet and its wings would flap in a pattern of one two one two.

It kept on dancing till the music ended and then giving its own head a scratch, it flew away.

Any creature which has God’s light in it will definitely have a rhythm and understanding of music. Otherwise small babies wouldn’t fall asleep as soon as their mothers’ sing them a sweet and nice lullaby. No animal would ever calmed by any soothing music. If you play flute to a baby calf, then it will put its head in a resting position and listen quietly to the music without being disturbed about anything.

The crow came back once more and did a flip dance just for us and took a bow and then flew straight to a place where my friend could guide and help him.

person in brown skirt doing ballet

It was truly a graceful dance. Much like a perfect Russian ballet.