Sleepy Day.

It’s a delightful day as it is Sunday. You can wake up late like a lazy person and pretend to be asleep even when you have woken up.

Then comes the aspect of having your bath which all generally avoid till the end of the day or they don’t take their bath at all.

Everything seems to go slow on this day and the aspect of preparing or making food is a sensitive issue on this day and folks now a days order breakfast, lunch and dinner from food apps.

The next day morning the results of the digestion of the restaurant food comes out. If its all clear then you can go to your college or office, otherwise a visit to the doctor might be necessary which may include a day’s rest at home.

It’s a day when people basically chill and act as robots and if they are in their “good senses”, then they go to the movies in the evening.

It’s the day which we all wait for throughout the week and when it arrives we spend it sleeping it off.

Sleepy day

Have a nice Sunday as it is a sleepy day.



A Game Of Cricket.

It’s Sunday and the boys are playing cricket in a half made stadium.

Just a few weeks back a huge tournament of cricket took place and many boys from our locality took part in it.

That tournament was held at a professional level.

Real and qualified umpires, halogen lights (with generators) for night matches, continuous English and Hindi commentary by professional commentators and at the end of the match, a man of the match award.

Since, this tournament has taken place, the boys are constantly in the “tournament mode”.

Teams have been formed and today being Sunday, the whole field has been divided into parts and the matches have been going on continuously and simultaneously.
At nearly 14:00 hours, nearly all the players had to go home for lunch, but two teams whose game had just began at that moment were still playing on the field.

After the first half of their game got over, all of them had group lunch of sandwiches and chips. They started playing again at about 15:00 hours.

Seeing their game of cricket, two things came to my mind. They are:-

1.When I was a small, I would request Ma sometimes that Ma please let me play for a bit more time.

2.To have a picnic and a game of cricket with friends is a truly wonderful feeling.

Simple old days were beautiful, excellent, marvellous and full of God’s grace.

Nowadays, friends and a game of cricket, both of them are available (nearly) only on mobile apps. Friends on Facebook and twitter and cricket in android cricket games on phones.

Whenever possible, spend some time with friends and play a game of chess, checkers, Ludo or cricket. Try to relive those old days. It would simply bring back those memories.