Marvellous is this creation.

Marvellous is the handiwork of the creator.

Marvellous is the Sun,

Who gives us all infinite light.

Marvellous is fresh water,

As without water,

This creation would not have sustained.

Marvellous are mother and father,

Who are our Gods on Earth.

Marvellous is the rose.

Marvellous is the marble balls,

With which we all have played.

Marvellous are the chips,

Marvellous are macaroni and cheese,

Which we eat with delight.

Marvellous is mathematics,

Which has confused us all.

Marvellous is food,

Which subsides our hunger.

Marvellous are the tech gadgets,

Which have made our life so easier,

Still yet difficult.

Mrvellous are newspapers,

Which hardly give us true news.

Marvellous are the creams,

Which make us fairer and brighter,

Yet dull.

Marvellous are the board marks,

In which to excel we spent day and night studying like mads.

Yet when the results come,

Very few get the marks which they want.

Marvellous are the jobs,

Which only extol us without paying much.

Marvellous is Ma’s love. Much more than that it is.

So is Baba’s love.

Love is most marvellous which heals us all.

Marvellous is time,

Which doesn’t wait for anybody.

Yet it is still,

Yet ticking.

Marvellous are Sai Baba Of Shirdi and Meher Baba,

Who are God.

Marvellous itself is marvellous,

As very few are truly are.